Webstorm and Nuxtjs Linting

Recently I starting experimenting with Vue.js and Nuxt.js, partly out of curiosity and partly to learn a new framework, before I start a job search in a few months. This article is about my troubleshooting getting Nuxt.js, linting, and Webstorm to play nicely together. Webstorm in its default configuration, uses code formating based on Standard JS but can easily be configured to new standards.

TLTR: Go to the repository.


The first time I created a Nuxtjs project and opened Webstorm and used the Reformat Code tool, my world turned red (36 errors). Again, the purpose of this article is to troubleshoot getting Nuxt.js, Linting, and Webstorm to play nicely together.



To get started create a Nuxt App: yarn create nuxt-app nuxt-linting or npx create-nuxt-app nuxt-linting. I am selecting the defaults but I add Axios (although not required for thus tutorial), select both Eslint, and Prettier. You output should look something like below:

Create-nuxt-app v2.12.0
✨ Generating Nuxt.js project in nuxt-linting
? Project name nuxt-linting
? Project description My Nuxt.js project
? Author name eclectic-coding
? Choose the package manager Yarn
? Choose UI framework None
? Choose custom server framework None (Recommended)
? Choose Nuxt.js modules Axios
? Choose linting tools ESLint, Prettier
? Choose test framework None
? Choose rendering mode Universal (SSR)
? Choose development tools (Press <space> to select, <a> to toggle all, <i> to invert selection)
yarn run v1.21.1
$ eslint --ext .js,.vue --ignore-path .gitignore . --fix
✨ Done in 0.87s.

🎉 Successfully created project nuxt-linting

Notice the configuration runs eslint --fix at the end to correct any errors based on the default eslint and prettier configuration. Change to the project directory and start the dev server: yarn dev or npm run dev. When you open the project on the browser it opens with no errors.

Errors Arrive

Open the project in Webstorm., open src/pages/index.vue, and Reformat Code from the Code menu. Start the dev server: yarn dev and we have at least 36 errors.

Okay, so first tweak: Settings/Editor/Code Style/HTML in the Other tab, select the "In Empty Tag" checkbox. This adds a space around self closing tags <logo />

Next change. Set up Webstorm to use the project EsLint. Go to Settings/Languages & Frameworks/Esling and select "Manual ESLint configuration". In the ESLint package field select the the package from the project node_modules. Next manually select the project's .eslintrc.js file. This does not help the errors but eventually will.


Most of the errors are a result of a long standing issue with Prettier and Vuejs. The Vuejs standard is to not indent the style and script section of the Vue Template file. For a long time this was one of the most requested new features requested for Prettier but since version 1.19.0 it is now an option.

Upgrade to the latest Prettier: yarn add prettier@1.19.1. This will not fix any thing immediately. You need to add the following to the prettierrcconficuration file:

"vueIndentScriptAndStyle": true

This one change reduces the errors from 35in index.vue to just 4 errors!

Next, go back to Settings/Editor/Code Style/HTML in the "Tabs and Indent" tab and change "Continuation indent" to 2. NOW all the errors are down to one error index.vue.

This final error has to do with the wrapping of the fonts specified in the style section of index.vueand the only way I was able to fix this error was using eslint --fix. Overall I am well please with the outcome. In most project I develop my global styles via SASS so I will not use these styles in this file anyway.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Happy coding.